Vintage Pse “pacer” Compound Bow

Here for your viewing is a Vintage PSE “Pacer” compound bow with wooden limbs.

This bow has a 27-28 inch draw and at its present max setting feels like 50 lbs. The spec label is worn. This can be adjusted much lighter if desired. The bows wooden limbs have no twists, cracks or splits to them. Cosmetically, the bow is in great, clean condition with a couple of scuffs present due to normal wear.

Riser section is in great condition equipped with an arrow rest and a rubber handle for comfortable shooting, even in the coldest of conditions.

Bow’s pulleys are in great shape, thanks to the bracket pulley design to allow protection when resting bow on any surface. The string and cables are also in great condition as well. Just add the sight of your choice and you are ready for shooting.

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