(t3) Fred Bear Magnum Hunter Compound Bow look

****GREAT BOW TO OWN****You are bidding on a pre-owned, nice clean, good working condition Fred Bear Magnum Hunter Compound Bow.  This bow comes with what is seen in the above photo’s. The draw is 29, weight is 70.  The bow is used, but looks great.  Bow comes with the sight shown in the photo’s. It also comes with a quiver and 4 Allen carbon arrows.  It also comes with a cobra release and the a really nice green soft shell case seen in the photo’s.  A great bow to own and use or give as a gift.***PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING OR USING THE “BUY IT NOW” OPTION! ***THE SET SHIPPING PRICE:  The set-shipping price in our auctions covers more then just the shipping cost we are charged by the shipper to get the item to you. Any extra helps to cover the cost of a box, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, tape, the wage I pay someone to box it for shipping and the cost of gas to take it to FedEx/USPS.  Unfortunately nothing is free, please take this into consideration before bidding on any of our listed items as we will not lower the shipping price after you bid and win.SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA USING “USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL:  Please note that if you live outside of the USA and you want your EBay item mailed to you “USPS First Class International Mail” it could take as long as two months to receive your item depending on how long your item is held up at your country’s customs dept.  We receive numerous emails stating, “It has been longer then a month and I have not received my item” and then asking us to “look into it on our end.”  There is nothing we can “look into on our end” as 100% of the time it is held up at your country’s customs dept.  We do understand your frustration on not receiving your item faster but it is out of your hands the day we mail it.  You do have an option to get your EBay item faster and that would be to pay more and have it mailed “USPS Priority Mail,” understanding this, and you still choose to have us mail your EBay item USPS First Class International Mail, you will have to be willing to wait for your EBay item to clear your customs, sometimes taking as long as two months to do so.PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS:  Please ask all questions and know you can pay for the item BEFORE BIDDING or using the ”BUY IT NOW” option if available!  We will NO Longer retract Bids or let you back out of a “Buy it Now” once placed!  Once you have placed a bid or used the ”BUY IT NOW” option you have agreed to buy the item!!  Backing out of the buying of the item will result in us turning it over to eBay for non-payment!!  Customer service is very important to us.  If your transaction was not a “5 Star” experience please email me and let me know how I can help.  Contact me via the eBay email system for a faster response to questions.FREE SHIPPING:  Please know that when you buy an item from us that has “FREE SHIPPING,” it will not be insured for being lost or damaged!  THERE WILL BE NO RETURN, REFUND OR CREDIT! ZERO FEEDBACK:  If you have ZERO FEEDBACK and purchase an item from us you will have until the end of that business day to pay for the item or to contact us to let us know when you will be paying!  If you do not pay or contact us by the end of that business day the next lowest bidder will be given a second chance offer to buy the item.INTERNATIONAL BUYERS OF ANY OF OUR ELECTRICAL ITEMS:  All international buyers are responsible to ensure the item can work properly in there country due to the different volts/amps.  It is not the ours/sellers responsibility to ensure this, buyer beware!Thank you for your understanding on all of the above!  Greg L. **WE ACCEPT CASHIER CHECK AND PAYPAL**+++SHIPPING CONTINENTAL U.S.A. ONLY, PUERTO RICO, GUAM, HAWAII AND ALASKA PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING+++**INTERNATIONAL BUYERS INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT SELLER FOR SHIPPING COSTS** ***Shipping Cost Includes Shipping, Delivery Confirmation and Handling***Seller only AlHigh

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