Rh 2011 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus 50-60lb Limbs 29-31″ Draw Length Must See This

OK there are  some guys that know I have this bow and want to buy it so here it is. A mint condition right hand 2011 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus in red. This bow has the XTS Pro ARC limbs in 50 to 60 pound draw weight. It has the Fuel FL3 cams with the B mod on it making the draw length 29.5 inches. The mods available for the FL3 cams are A B C D E in lengths from 29 to 31 inches. 35 inches axle to axle with a 7 1/4 inch brace height. 318 FPS with a mass weight of 3.8 pounds. Includes a Rip Cord Code Red fall away rest, Doinker stabilizer, HHA Optimizer Ultra sight with a 4X lens. Has a wrist strap, D loop and peep sight. Also includes 6 Easton Carbon Light Speed 30 arrows and a like new SKB custom fit case. I have never seen a used bow in this good of condition. It looks brand new. Look at the pics and judge for your self. I am not sure you will find another bow like this in this condition. Payment due when purchased, ships to the lower 48 US states only, thanks.

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