Quest G-5 Bow Package

You are looking at a Quest REV G-5 Bow Package.

This Bow Package is New in the Box.

This is a left handed bow.

It has a 27″ draw length with a 50lb. draw weight.

This package includes:

G-5 Quest Bow

G-5 Expert I Drop Away Rest

G-5 Five Camo Arrow Quiver

Rock G-5 4pin adj. sight

Limb Silencers

Large Hole Peep Sight

Axion Harmonic Stabilizer

G-5 Designed to Hunt Wrist Strap

This bow package is ready to go.

All you need is some arrows and a release and you are ready to Hunt or Target Practice.

If you have any questions please email me before you bid.

Thanks for looking and Good Luck Bidding!

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