Pse X-force Treestand Gx Rh 29″/70#

This lightly used PSE X-Force Treestand GX is our display model. We’re clearing out all our old PSEs, so there will be some great deals up here in the next few days! This bow has a factory set 29″ draw and 60-70# limbs, in all black. Yes, it’s been set up with a rest. Yes, it’s been shot. It’s still a virtually new bow and fully covered by PSE’s limited lifetime warranty.When you think of PSE, you think of SPEED. They’ve made some of the fastest reliable bows in the industry, and the X-Force line contains all their flagships. The Treestand GX was a way to take the popular X-Force GX and make it more maneuverable. With only 28″ axle-to-axle, they certainly did that – and they managed to keep the sweet draw cycle of the GX and the speed that you expect from PSE.Specs on the X-Force Treestand GX:Brace height: 7″ATA: 28″IBO Speed: 332 fpsLet-off: 80%

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