Pse X-force Gx6 70lb 29″dl Bow (brand New Limbs)

This is a 2009 PSE X-FORCE GX6 Bow that has had BRAND NEW 4TH GENERATION (2013) X-FORCE 70LBS LIMBS installed on it this month. The riser shows normal signs of wear (for its age) and of course the limbs are in mint condition. I had a new set of string and cables put on it last year (America’s Best Bowstrings – which is the same as the factory strings). Set at 65lbs I was using a 350 grain arrow (including tip) and chronographed this bow at 315 ft/sec. That’s fast for a hunting set up! I am also selling the original set of factory strings and cables as a back up set. I love this bow and hate to sell it, but I bought a new bow this year and this bow needs to be shot by somebody. Also, you will note in the pics that the white indicator line on the bottom and top cams are perfectly lined up with the cable (meaning that it is perfectly in tune). Also comes with a string loop, so no bow press is needed to get this bow shooting. Just add a rest and a sight and you are ready to go. Any questions, just ask.
Here are the specs: Right-Hand – 29″ Draw Length; Draw Weight 60-70 lbs; CBL/STR Length: 33.81 / 61.63 / 36.50; Brace Height 6″

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