Preowned 2016 Bowtech Rpm 360 Rh 60-70#, 27-30″ Perfect Limbs, Stealth Black

The Bowtech RPM 360 is marketed as a speed bow, and it delivers. This rig offers an IBO of 360 fps, which initially will turn the average hunter away, because something that produces that much speed cannot be a good hunting bow because it has to be loud and have lots of vibration, right? Wrong. This bow is super quiet out of the box, with minimal vibration. If you install a stabilizer, then that little bit of vibration is gone, and you now have a quiet, fast, and accurate bow that you can hunt with, or shoot competition with and not destroy your shoulders or rip your arms off while you shoot. With a 7″ brace height, 24″ – 30″ draw length, and a 60# – 70# draw weight, this bow has been touted as the best bow ever put out by Bowtech. 

Dead shot nail driver! 24-30″ draw length. 60-70# draw weight.RIGHT HANDED BOWAxle to axle 31″/ Brace height 7″ (very forgiving)IBO Speed: 360 fps/ Weight 4.4lbsLet off: 80%PRICE IS FOR BARE BOW, contact me if you want a package price.Not a mark, chip or scratch on it. Backyard target practice only. Never been in the woods.Kept in case indoors, non smoking house

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