New Bowtech Carbon Knight Camo 70# Package Deal

Big news earlier this year – BowTech is in the Carbon game now! The Carbon Knight is the lightest bow of its caliber (at 3.2 lbs) ever produced, and now you have a chance to pick it up for $250 less than anybody else is selling them! BowTech completely redid the riser on this bow – it is sturdy, sleek, and lightweight. These bows are going for $850 BARE BOW new – add this package and you’re up over $1000, so just shop around for 5 minutes – then come back here and get your brand new carbon bow – start us off at just $799.95 for a full bow package at less than it will cost you to get a bare bow most places!This is a right handed 60-70# Carbon Knight in Mossy Oak Infinity camouflage. It comes standard set at 29″ but will adjust anywhere from 26.5″ up to 30.5″ WITHOUT BUYING ADDITIONAL MODULES! The Binary Cam design gives it an incredibly smooth draw without sacrificing speed or accuracy – it still clocks in at 335 fps. BowTech hit this one out of the park, folks – you HAVE to see it to believe it.This FULL “R.A.K.” PACKAGE means you will be all ready to hunt! Hostage rest, 4 pin Apex sight with level, Octane stabilizer, 5-arrow Octane quiver, wrist strap, cable savers, string loop, and peep sight. It’s all on the bow already, so just take it right out to the range, put a couple arrows through it to get your sight set up the way you want, and go hunting!24 HOURS ONLY!

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