New 2012 Hoyt Vector 32 Xtsarc Rocket Cam Right Hand 60# 28″/30″

2012 Hoyt Vector 32 60# RH 28″/30″ draw set at 29″

Hoyt Carbon Element’s little brother is the Vector 32. This bow is a real world huntaholic, 32″ axle to axle, combined with a generous brace height of 6.75″ and punching out easy to shoot arrows at 330fps.

There are absolutely no gimmicks here. Silent, accurate and a true speed bow, just what you need for that perfect hunt.

The 32″ axle to axle allows you to hunt in thick scrub with ease.

The Hoyt Vector 32 has all of Hoyt’s latest technologies and in line roller cable guard with new inner race bearings that reduce friction and increase effiency.

The trusted XTS Pro Arc limbs are as good as it gets, coupled with the new Pro Lock X-Lite pocket with low mass and increased noise reduction, ensuring your limbs are secure at all times with an unbelievable tight tolerance.

The machined aluminium riser is designed with Hoyt’s perfect balance technology with the stabiliser bushing already offset, making the bow balanced to perfection when a loaded quiver is installed.

Not overlooking Hoyt’s superb RKT cam and a half system, speed with adjustability and comfort.

After the shot, the FUSE string comes to rest silently on the Stealth Shot. The Vector 32 is and will be the hunting bow of all time.

Specs at a glance

IBO Speed 330fpsWeight range , 50-60lbs, .Draw length range 28″-30″. Brace height 6.75″Axle to Axle 32″Mass weight 4lbsLet-Off 80%RKT CamRiser CNC MachinedXTS Pro Arc LimbsFUSE Strings and CablesPro Lock X-Lite PocketStealth Shot


Hoyt has been in the bow making game for a very long time, and the company remains focused on its customers, technology and integrity. Hoyt makes top-notch bows that meet advertised performance specifications, and the company’s people are some of the best in the industry. Hoyt came on strong again in 2012 with an impressive lineup, and the all-new Vector 32 is one of the shining stars.

The Hoyt Vector 32 features the popular TEC LITE riser design with the new Perfect Balance Stabilization System, RKT Cam & 1⁄2, XTS PRO ARC limbs, Pro-Lock X-Lite limb pockets, 180 Pro Fit grip, In-Line Roller Guard and more.

Rocket FuelHoyt’s new RKT Cam & 1⁄2 system packs a powerful punch, with advertised speeds reaching 330 fps with a 6.75-inch brace height. Advertised and actual speeds are generally synonymous when it comes to Hoyt. Each cam rides on a steel axle and has sealed inner-race bearings for smooth, reliable performance, minimum friction and increased efficiency. The draw cycle produced by the RKT is an excellent blend of aggressiveness and smooth transitions. These qualities, coupled with an easy let down should you decide not to take the shot, are part of a technology Hoyt calls ErgoDraw. Further, a forgiving valley on this cam allows the archer to relax into the shot.

A total draw-length range from 24.5-30 inches is covered by three base cams and a series of modules. Hoyt also offers a short-draw version of the Vector 32 with the Z3 cam in draw lengths of 23.5 and 24 inches. System letoff is advertised at approximately 75 percent for both versions.

An Industry IconThe Vector 32 is easily recognized as a Hoyt rig with its LITE version of their one-of-a-kind TEC (Total Engineering Concept) riser design. Just like the original TEC riser, this lighter model consists of a thin strut/truss that loops back behind the shooter’s bow hand. The truss acts as a shock absorber, channeling shot vibration through the truss and away from the grip while increasing strength and stiffness. Overall mass weight for the Vector is listed at 4 pounds.

A Hoyt technology that was introduced last year is the Perfect Balance Stabilization System. In the simplest of terms, it counter balances the weight of accessories (quiver, sights, rest), which are mounted on the right side of your bow (from the shooter’s perspective), by placing the weight of a stabilizer left of center. Hoyt offset their stainless steel stabilizer mounting insert by 3⁄4 inch.

The Vector’s 180 Pro Fit grip is constructed of a relatively pliable and warm co-molded rubber material to enhance comfort, while the contour and shape are meant to produce consistency and accuracy. The Vector 32 is compatible with Hoyt’s Pro-Fit Grip system, which includes four grip styles that share a common mounting platform.

Hoyt’s In-Line Roller Guard minimizes torque, friction and overall stress by placing the cables in a natural in-line position. Precision rollers, sealed bearings and a high-strength, fully machined housing make up the system, which is designed to increase accuracy and speed while reducing noise.

The Vector 32 is available in Realtree AP and MAX-1 camo, Black Out, Half & Half (Black Out riser/Realtree AP or MAX-1 limbs), Bone Collector (Realtree AP riser with Black limbs and custom graphics) and Vicxen (Realtree MAX-1 riser with Black limbs and custom graphics) finish options. Seven custom target colors also are available.

Silence in the MakingBowhunters want a silent rig for delivering the knockout punch. Hoyt outfits the Vector with XTS PRO ARC limbs, Stealth Shot String Suppressor (which reduces string oscillation by an advertised 70 percent), limb-mounted AlphaShox and Silent Shelf Pad. The five-layer laminated limbs are contoured and pre-loaded using uniform stress distribution (USD) technology that eliminates potential failure areas. The Pro-Lock X-Lite pivoting limb pocket provides a precise limb-to-riser interface. Draw weights are available in 40-, 50-, 60-, 65-, 70- and 80-pound peak options, each with ten pounds of downward adjustment.

ImpressionsHoyt has really outdone itself with the RKT Cam & 1⁄2 System—it is simply the best the company has ever built. The valley is super comfortable, and the draw cycle is easy on the shoulder, especially considering the speeds generated. The Vector 32 is quiet at the shot, and the addition of a FUSE Carbon Connexion stabilizer reduced average shock and vibration to almost nothing.


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