Matthews Reezen Lh

For sale is a LEFT handed used Mathews reezen. This bow has the 6.5-inch brace height and a 29-inch draw. 60-70 pounds. I have recently had my local pro shop put new strings can cables on. Overall this bow is in good shape. The most notable signs of wear are on the riser directly in front of the grip, this was just caused by wear; hand rubbing off the finish. The second area is on the side of the included arrow rest (ripcord). Where the mounting screw sits has removed some finish (also in photo). Along with the bow and rest, I am including sights from trophy ridge. This is the vertical three pin model that has a built-in light.The bow and rest are lost camo and sights are black. included with Bow: Sights, Rest, Sting stop! If you have any questions feel free to ask.lower 48 only thanks  

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