Mathews Z7 Xtreme Compound Bow Rh 60/70 Lbs 28 Inch Draw Lost Camo

This one is in great condition. Includes the pictured accessories. Quiver is Mathews QD and the sight is Axion. ( rust on screws that hold sight to bow ) rest is Whisker.Experience the perfect blend of speed, and accuracy with the All New Mathews® Z7™.  Featuring the Z7 Cam™ which provides blazing speed with an ultra-smooth draw, the Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard that reduces friction for a smoother draw cycle, and a stronger, lighter-weight riser made with revolutionary new Grid Lock™ Technology combine for the ultimate balance in performance.  The Z7™ comes standard with the Dead End String Stop, Harmonic Stabilizer, Monkey Tails, SlimFit grip.  This is the finest hunting bow ever produced.  Mathews Z7™- Expectations Exceeded!Ball Bearing Idler Wheelall Bearing Idler WheelString Suppressors™Harmonic Damping System™Limb Turret™SlimFit™ Inline GripSpherelock Pivoting Limb Cup System™Mathews Genuine Bowstring80% Let-offSE5 Composite Limbs System™Harmonic Stabilizer™String Grub™Dead End String Stop™Reverse Assist Roller Guard™ZX Cam™ & QCAMonkey Tails™Grid Lock™ RiserParallel Limb Design™IBO RatingUp to 333 fps Axle-to-Axle30″ Brace Height7″ Draw Weight 70 lbs Bow Weight4.00 lbs** Let-off80% Draw Lengths29 Half Sizes25.5″ – 29.5″ 

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