Mathews Z7 Rh 27″/60#

This Mathews Z7 in their trademark Lost camouflage with 50-60# limbs and a 27″ draw is in great shape. Mathews is known for their smooth solo cam draws, and the Z7 is one of their best. The Z7 was built to bridge the gap between smooth draws and blazing speed. They certainly delivered, with a smooth draw and a very firm back wall while still achieving some very impressive speeds. The Grid Lock riser design let them trim weight where it matters without disrupting the performance of the bow or weakening the riser in any way. It does have some wear, in the places you’d most expect, and it’s all highlighted in the condition description – but it’s been well taken care of and still shoots like the day it was made. Specs on the Z7:Brace height: 7″ATA: 30″IBO: 333 fpsWeight: 4.0 poundsLet-off: 80%

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