Mathews Solo Cam Classic Compound Bow Rh 70 Pounds

Mathews Solocam Classic Compound bows were released in 2006 and featured a solid firing wall so the when draw would come to a stop instead of having play in the wheels offering the shooter a steadier shot.



Perimeter Weighted Original MaxCam with Interia Disc

Teflong Composite Cable Slider

Mathews Genuine String & Cable

String Suppresors

Harmonic Damping System

Ball Bearing Idler Wheel



Axle to Axle 36″

Brace Height 7 1/4″

Draw Weight 70 pounds

Bow Weight 3.6 pounds (bare bow)

Let-off 80%

Draw Length 29


Accessories on bow include:

-Apex 4 pin sight

-Limbsaver 5″ stabilizer

-Trophy Taker dropaway rest

-Bow sling


Only sales will be made within the U.S.



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