Mathews Outback Bow & Accessories, 27″, 40/50lbs.

Mathews Outback Bow

Right handed

used, in excellent condition

Draw Length: 27″

Draw Weight: 40-50 lbs.

Comes with Accessories:

Whisker bisquit, 4 carbon arrows, cobra 3-pin sight, Carbon Impl. Stabilizer.

String is in EXCELENT SHAPE.

Whether you hunt out back behind the barn, out back behind
the cabin or out back in the far reaches of the mountains, plains or
tundra, the Mathews Outback™ is the bow you’ll want to take!

It’s Shorter -You can maneuver and shoot it where other bows don’t fit.

It’s Quieter -The more parallel the two limbs, the more recoil is cancelled.  And less recoil means less noise!

InLine Grip – A wood inlay show you the center of the grip to establish centershot.  Also ergonomically superior.

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