Mathews Mission Eliminator Ii

This is a USED Mathews Mission Eliminator 2.  The bow is right handed, has a 27″ draw, and is #40-50 pounds.  It has a 7″ inch brace height, is 30″ inches axle to axle, has a great
let off of 80% and has a great IBO speed of 319 fps, and only weighting
in at a very very light 4.0 pounds.  The strings are still in good
condition and still have a long life in them.   The bow draws smooth and shoots even smoother, it
feels great in the hand.  The Eliminator offers more than 20 years of Mathews

engineering to deliver the smoothest, quietest, lightweight bow ever offered in a mid price bow.  Great for women, kids, and teenagers.  I will only ship inside the U.S. and will only take PayPal. 
Have fun bidding on this great bow!

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