Mathews Mission Craze Black Riser Lost Camo Limbs Package 19-30″ Draw 15-70 #

The Craze’s® advanced dual cam system allows you to go from 15 to 70 lbs of draw weight and 19 to 30 inches of draw length, all with the comfort of up to 80% let off. On top of all that adjustability, the Craze® is also one of the quietest and smoothest bows out there. The adjustability and compact frame make it perfect for beginners, but the performance is sure to meet the standards of seasoned bowhunters alike. 

No bow press required!

Bow was taken in on trade as customer upgraded. So we added all NEW accessories to the bow. 

Like New Great shape.

Package includes ALL NEW ACCESSORIES 

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Biscuit Rest

Trophy Ridge Sharp shooter  3 Pin Sight

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge  4 Banger 4 Arrow Quiver

Blacks Creek Padded Canvas Craze Bow Case

TRU Fire Patriot Release

Peep and loop

Also going to include Five Gold Tip Arrows the are used but good shape.m

String and Cables are like new. Bow was hardly used.  

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