Hoyt Rapture Intruder Compound Bow Right Handed W/quiver + Archers’ Choice Sight

Up for auction is a Hoyt Rapture Intruder Compound Bow. The bow features a 6 arrow Quiver that was black but covered with a camo-felt material (Some of the pieces are patched together, it isn’t the prettiest but serves it purpose). Also equipped with a Archer’s Choice sight for increased accuracy. The bow is finished off with a Golden Key Futura rest. This bow is covered with a nice camofladge scheme, providing added stealth for the carrier. This bow is in excellent cosmetic condition. The frame of the bow is very clean. The strings look good, still intact with little evidence of fraying. I imagine they still have substantial life left before replacement is needed, a little wax and they should last for sometime. The grip looks great and shows minimal wear. The inside of the bow on the bottom half, features a sticker with the dimensions weight/length/string. Overall this is a very clean compound bow, that is ready to be enjoyed. Would make a perfect starter bow for someone just getting into the sport. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to message me, thank you!Happy Bidding!!P.S.
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