Hoyt Compound Bow Spyder 30 Never Been Shot 50-60 Pound Limbs 27.5″ Draw Length

Hoyt Spyder 30 Compound Bow

Everything Needed to Hunt is Included.

50-60 Pound Limbs

27.5″ Draw Preset From Factory

Owner’s Manual and Free Hoyt Hat Included

Rest: Trophy Arrow Realtree AP Camo RETAIL 109.99

Sight: VUE  7.5 Oz, 6.75 Inches, .020  Fiber optics, Realtree APG Xtra. Retail 119.99

Quiver: Kwickee kwiver 4 Arrow Quiver Retail: 39.99

Bow-Sling: Paradox Single Braid, outdoor Late Season Camo. Retail: 14.99

Peep Sight: Radical Peep Sights Maxim 38 Degree With Tubing, 1/4 Aperture. Retail 9.99

Release: Scott Little Bitty Goose, Inline Single Caliper, Black. Retail 65.99

Arrows: 4 Easton Full Metal Jackets 340 Lost Camo. 11.3 Grains Per Inch. White and Green Fletchings. Inserts abd field tips included. Retail: 12.99 Each

Broadheads: Muzzy 6 pack of 3 blade 100 grain 1 3/16″ cut diameter broadheads. Retail: 39.99

Lighted noks: 2 Nockturnal red “x” nocks. Will fit arrows included with bow.

D-Loop is already tied on but can be moved to adjust to each individual. Peep and Rest are not served-in due to the fact that each will be different for every person.  I will include the serving

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