Hoyt Charger 27″-30″/60# Display Xtra

Hoyt Charger This Hoyt charger has been a bow on display for about a year and we decided it is time to find it a new home.Although the Charger does not lead in any specification area, it performs well overall. The draw cycle feels great, offers a solid back wall and has decent speeds of 325 feet per second (ATA). The compact design is available for almost every shooter’s specifications and can be accessorized directly from the factory for a minimum advertised price of $649. Although many feel the Charger is a price point bow not offering the bells and whistles of Hoyt’s flagship models, the Charger performs competitively with the rest of the Hoyt lineup. Archers should welcome the Charger as a reasonably priced bow with high-end technologies.VersionBraceheightAtalengthDrawlengthDrawweightIBOspeedMassweightLet-off20156.75 “31 “27 ” – 30 “(modded, set at 27.5)50 – 60 lbs325 fps3.8 lbs75%This Hoyt comes as an entire ready to shoot package including a Fuse 3 pin adjustable fiber optic sight, a detachable 4 arrow lever lock fuse quiver, QAD drop away ultra rest hunter,. fuse blade noise reduction stabilizer, Hoyt wrist sling, D-Loop, Peep sight ready to shoot! *email us after purchase and we can set the bow to your specific draw length.

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