Hoyt Carbon Element G3 Rh 29″/60# Nib

This right handed Hoyt Carbon Element G3 carries #3 RKT cams, meaning it will adjust from 28-30″ with draw modules (factory set at 29″). It is in their “Blackout” color, which means a matte black riser and carbon tubes, with black and silver checkered 50-60# limbs (shown above). All black cams and modules for the stealthiest look possible!The Element G3 is the best of the best. Hoyt Carbon technology makes this bow light, fast, silent, and deadly. It weighs only 3.6 pounds and still posts an IBO speed of 332 fps! AirShok vibration dampeners mean every shot is whisper silent and there’s no nasty vibrations coming back to your hand and arm. The Rocket Cam & 1/2 system turns your hands and arms into a well-balanced, well-tuned machine with a silky smooth draw and a great firm back wall.This bow is $1400 MSRP but you can BUY IT NOW for only $1099.95! This is a top of the line bow STEAL! Get your brand new Element today!

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