G5 Quest Radical Bow Black/purple

This item was a store display. The draw length is set to 25 and the bow poundage is at 40. Missing the stabilizer and the quiver. This item is sold “AS IS,” no returns.Shoots up to 295 fpsLightweight, easy-to-handle bow for beginning shootersSimple design with draw length between 17.5″ and 30″Forged 6061-aluminum riser for long-lasting performancePerfect for young shooters, the Quest Radical Realtree APC Purple Compound-Bow Package delivers everything your young one needs to get started bowhunting. The overall size and minimal weight creates a lightweight, easy-to-handle bow perfect for entry-level shooters. Its simple design, with an adjustable draw length from 17.5″ to 30″ and an adjustable draw weight from 15 lbs. to 70 lbs., makes this one of the most versatile bows on the market. Forged 6061-aluminum riser for long-lasting performance. No bow press needed. Inch and half-inch adjustments. Right hand only. Made in USA. Camo pattern: Realtree APC™ (Purple).Quest Radical Realtree APC Purple Compound-Bow Package includes:bow, six-arrow quiver with dampening rubber mounting post, rubber stabilizer, Halo™ arrow rest, neoprene wrist sling and four-pin fiber-optic sight with light.

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