G5 Prime 2013 Impact 26-30″ 50-60# Rh Black

Prime 2013 Impact

60# Right Hand

Are cam specific 26-30”

 But we have the cams to make them what length
you need

New other: This is a  reps sample bow, It may or may not have been shot, but is pristine condition and has a matching kisser button and peep, and will come
with all paper work and warranty

May not come in original box

This is a very sharp looking bow

review from CompoundBowChoice

The Prime Impact is one of the best multipurpose bows
available in terms of what it offers. Coming in with an axel-to-axel
measurement of 35-inches, a brace height of 6.25 inches, and good speeds of 340
feet per second. This flat shooting bow will be great in the treestand or
shooting foam. The only concern with the bow really has nothing to do with the
bow itself. Prime is a relatively new company meaning pro shops are not always
close to everyone like some of the bigger brands. This may make it tough to track
down and try out. The bow is priced on the high end of the price range as well,
so shooters on a budget may need to look elsewhere.


The Impact riser is strong. Made of forged machined 7000
series aluminum, Prime prides themselves in how durable and tough this riser
is. The strength transfers in to a more repeatable shot and less torque meaning
the shot is the same time after time. The riser cutouts look nothing like other
cutouts on the market, and add to the cool look of the bow. However, the bow is
a little on the heavy side weighing in at 4.5 pounds for the bare bow. Although
many shooters prefer a bow a touch on the heavy side, those hunters packing
equipment for long trips may want something a little lighter in feel.The riser
features a front mounting stabilizer-mounting hole directly in line with the
rear mounting string stop system. This string stop system has a rubber dampener
used to reduce vibration and noise, and transfers any extra toward the front of
the bow away from the shooters hand. The I-Glide Flex Guard is a little
different than last years design, but has the same theory in mind. The I-Glide
cable slide keeps each cable in a closed hole with almost nothing restricting
its movement. The cables to not really slide or roll like other bows. Instead,
the guard flexes inward on full draw and springs back into resting position
after being shot. This eliminates torque normally transferred to the riser. The
I-Glide also keeps the cables out of the sight picture for shooters using a
peep sight.


Shooters have the option to shoot the installed rubber
one-piece grip, or remove it to shoot the riser. Either way really feels great,
but they are different, so shooters will have to decide which works best for
them. The Ultra fit rubber grip is a bit on the thick side, but it does not
feel bad when held in the proper placement. The Prime brand name is displayed
on the grip, and the shooters have alignment arrows on the back of the grip to
help aid with proper hand placement. The centerline of the grip is marked to
give shooters a repeatable place to hold the bow. Shooters not wanting the
bulky feel of the rubber grip have the option to remove it and shoot off the
riser. This actually contours nicely to the shooters hand and offers a think
feel many shooters prefer. For hunting situations, the rubber will definitely
be warmer, but the decision should still be based on comfort and proper hand


The Impact utilizes solid limb construction featuring extra
wide limbs. The limbs are built using cross strength to add reinforcement where
it is needed the most. These limbs are available in maximum draw weights of 50,
60, and 70 pounds, and are adjustable in ten-pound increments. Although Prime
is a newer company, they have not had major issues with their limb
construction, so they must be doing something right. The composite limb pocket
material securely holds the limbs in proper alignment. They are slightly
smaller than last year helping to cut down a little bit on the overall mass of
the bow as well.


Prime decided to stick with the Parallel Cam System to power
the Impact to IBO speeds of 340 feet per second. The cams are different than
any other design on the market right now having two tracks rather than one.
This all but eliminates cam lean caused when more stress is placed on one side
of the cam over the other side. Cam lean can lead to problems with accuracy and
the Prime does not deal with this at all. Prime describes this system by
comparing the stability of standing on both legs versus only standing on one
leg. The two strings meet a single string with an adapter designed by Prime
that looks like an oversized peep sight. This cam system is draw length
specific, which is a slight downside of the Impact model. Although shooters
will leave the shop with a bow that fits their needs, shooters getting a used
Impact bow will have to purchase and change cams in order to change the draw
length on this rig.

cycle / Shootability

The Impact has one of the smoothest draws of any bow on the
market for 2013. It is so easy to draw back. The valley has no hump leading
into it, and is generous in length. The Impact will not let shooters creep
forward much from full draw, but this promotes proper shooting form. If
shooters happen to creep a little too much, it is pretty easy to save. However,
with the back wall being solid, it is pretty hard to creep forward. On target,
the bow holds really well. The 35-inch axel-to-axel measurement and the heavier
4.5 pounds help with this quite a bit, but the back wall adds an even better
feel. After the shot, the bow is vibe free with accessories added and not too
bad without. Overall, this bow is a wonderful shooter for hunters of target


The Impact is a true multipurpose bow. With specifications
that match hunting and target shooters styles, the Impact can be used for
anything. The finish options are great looking in camo or target colors as
well. It is difficult to find a scenario this bow would not do well in.

Service Program

Although the
Prime Impact comes with a pretty large price tag, the original owner gets great
treatment from the factory for purchasing a new bow. The strings are factory
shot 100 times before being sent to the dealer. This means there will not be a
settling in period for the strings. Once the peep is set, it is set. Shooters
will not have to worry about peep rotation or string stretching. After six
months from the purchase date, Prime offers a free tune up from the shop where
the bow was purchased free of charge to the shooter. Also under the Shield
program for the original owner, Prime provides a new set of strings and cables
every two years based on the purchase date and serial number. These benefits
may help offset the cost of ownership a little bit to help with the MSRP of
$949-$1049 depending on the finish options.

 Normally Retails for $950

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