Jan 04

Hoyt Vector 32

RH, 50-60 LB. Draw weight. #3 RKT cams adjustable from 28-30″ draw length with mods. Currently set at 28.5″. Bare Bow. Lower 48 only. PayPal only. Black Riser. Camo limbs. RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END EARLY AS IT IS ALSO FOR SALE LOCALLY.

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Jan 04

2013 Hoyt Carbon Element G3 50-60lbs #3rktcam Dw 28 To 30″ Rh Rtree Xtra Package

Almost indestructible one piece Carbon fiber riser in all the Hoyt Carbon bows!You know the story. Now see the science.  http://www.hoyt.com/assets/downloads/carbon-bow.pdf

Esmail3 Store

*( Before purchasing, please read disclaimer, note & Shipping & Seller’s payment instructions at end of  listing)Please carefully look at pictures, ask questions & read the description, you will get the exact bow in the pictures.BRAND NEW 2013 with Authentic Hoyt/Fuse Package Hoyt Carbon Element G3, (#3)RKT Cam, Real Tree XtraComo50 / 60 Lbs. Draw Weight, 2″ (Module) Draw length R/Hand Compound Bow + Hoyt & Fuse Accessory Sight, Rest, StabilizerOther Draw length MODULES (from 28″ to 30″ available) or accessory are available upon requestFREE SHIPPING IN THE USMy costomer feedback for a similar Carbon Element: Wow. ÇA C’EST UNE ARC…ELLE EST VRAIMENT MAGNIFIQUE. GOOD AND FAST SERVICE. (Canada)Feedback for another Hoyt:Best seller on Ebay. Period. Communication = Perfect. 11/10 score. Awesome! (Canada)MSRP: $2050.00This is a SWEET Camo bow, not only looks, it’s by far the most advanced most lethal bow on the market today, all in an INCREDIBLE and gorgeous bow (to go hunting or shooting NOW) for the money! and if  Melissa Bachman says the Carbon Element is COOL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWPJhWL5dwM) I have to take here words ;-)You are getting all Camo / Carbon Fiber matching bow and Hoyt Fuse accessory you need to go hunting or shooting:* Hoyt Carbon Element advanced carbon construction with the RKT #3Cam* Fuse Pilot 3 Pins fiber optic with Micro adjust Sight, Carbon Fiber/Camo color* Fuse AXIUM 6.5″ Carbon Camo Stabilizer With Harmonic Dampers Silencer 6.8Oz.* Vital Gear Kazaway Fall-off arrow rest* Fuse 4 Arrow ultra-lightweight Quiver Camo color* Leather and para-cord wrist sling * G5 3/16″ Meta Peep sight * String Release D-loop.* Team Hoyt hat & Hoyt key chain.The new Carbon G3 Series feature all of our new 2013 technologies and advancements, including our revolutionary, patent pending AirShox system for a dead-quiet, no vibration shot. Available in 2 killer configurations and powered by the game-changing RKT Cam & ½, the Carbon Element G3′s compact frame is perfect for those wanting short and sweetHoyt’s award-winning, revolutionary carbon bows have set new technology and performance benchmarks in worldwide archery. Ask anyone who has shot one – there’s nothing like them. But, as you know, Hoyt engineers are never content to sit back on their laurels. Ever. So, we proudly bring you the all-new 2013 Carbon Element RKT. Powered by the rocket-fast RKT™ cam. Yes, this is a hot cam. And yes, it’s easy to draw. The reason? RKT cam features our new ErgoDraw™ Technology, which adjusts the cam profile to draw much more smoothly. The RKT cam powers the 32″ Element RKT to a true 330 FPS while retaining a forgiving brace height. The Element RKT features the latest generation of Hoyt’s proven, super-tough, patent pending hollow carbon tube riser design, our new Inner Race Bearing In-Line Roller Guard System, new lightweight, low-profile Pro Lock X-Lite™ pocket, high-performance 5-Layer Laminated XTS PRO ARC limbs and more. Carbon Element RKT pushes the limits once again – just as you knew we would.31.5” AXLE-TO-AXLE 330 FPS(ATA) 6 ¾” BRACE HEIGHT 3.6 LBS MASS WEIGHT Specs and Features    Axle to Axle 31.5”    Brace Height 6.5    IBO Speed (Approx.) 327-330    HPS Cam System – Modular with Adjustable Draw Stop    Draw Lengths – 28″ (Other Draw length MODULES from 28″-30″)    80% Let-Off    Peak Draw Weights – 70 lbs.    Right hand Also see Hoyt incredible Technology in this bow that made this bow the best bow ever made:

Airshox Slow Motion eliminating vibration and noise


Hoyt TEC
Lite Riser Technology


Hoyt Cam and
Half Technology


Hoyt 5-Layer
Lamination Technology


Hoyt Carbon
Riser Technology


FUSE Custom
Strings Technology Video


Hoyt Perfect
Balance Technology


Hoyt Pro
Lock Pocket Technology


Hoyt Stealth
Shot Technology


Roller Guard


Hoyt 2013
Compound Owner’s Manual


Important Note, Read Before Purchasing:This bow is shipped in a 28″ draw length Module. Please let me know if
you need to adjust the draw length and I will let you know if I have
your draw length Module before you purchase the bow. Please let me know
if you need any other accessory’s like arrows, rest, sight, stabilizer, release, bow case etc. and I will do my best to provide it.Shipping & Seller’s payment instructions:
*  BY
NOR ASSUMES ANY LIABILITY IN THE USE OF THIS ITEMShipping & Seller’s payment instructions: Please carefully look at pictures, ASK questions & read the description, You will get the exact bow in the pictures. The
listed Shipping & Handling price is ONLY to lower 48 USA States.
Worldwide & AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses
may have additional Shipping & or Customs charges, PLEASE use
shipping calculate or ask for shipping quote before payment. International shipping:BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED A FORBIDDEN ITEM IN YOUR COUNTRY and you can CLEAR THIS ITEM FORM YOUR COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS You may check if importing this item under ( Archery or Bows) in the Import Prohibitions of your country’s profiles at:



Please update your shipping address.
Please e-mail me if you need any help with this item or any other item in my store and I will do my best to accommodate your request.Ask me for a DHL or FedEx Discount Quote!  Please update your shipping address.
Please e-mail me if you need any help with this item or any other item in my store and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

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Jan 04

Archery Vantage Elite Hoyt Deluxe Target Xt2000 Spiral Cam X Red Fusion 30.5/70




Will ship in original carton, well packaged



Look at any leader board & it is packed full of world-class shooters armed with Hoyt Target bows. A high-octane tack-driver – with a proven Shoot-Thru, rigid, stable & forgiving, unheard-of consistency & accuracy. Quit dreaming of the trophy you let slip away – Get a Vantage Elite.

Undeniably the most accomplished target compound of all time. Responsible for more current records than any other compound bow – including the coveted FITA 1440 round world record – it has proven it’s worth, time and again in the heat of the world’s most intense competitions.

The Vantage Elite first introduced in 2009, and offered in successive years, features an all-new Shoot-Thru riser design incorporating the airtight Pro-Lock Pocket System and the proven XT 2000 limbs. Combined with the Spiral X  Cam & 1/2 Plus, you have a serious bow ready for the world stage. Carve out your own piece of archery history with this Vantage Elite Target red fusion bow. 

5 layer lamination. Exclusive 5 layer lamination technology allows custom tailoring of materials and design for optimized limb performance and the highest levels of reliability in the industry. Accuracy, durability and performance are at the heart of Hoyt’s exclusive XT limb technology.

Shoot-Thru technology. The most winning riser design in modern history. Hoyt’s Shoot-Thru risers have totally dominated world archery since their introduction. Ideal balance and improved torsional control lead to greater alignment and superior accuracy. See the picture for a closer look at this design.

Cam & 1-2 technology. The cam that revolutionized the archery industry. Spiral X Cam & 1-2 is responsible for more tournament victories and trophies world-wide than any other bow technology. Easy to draw, aim and shoot in high adrenaline situations such as drawing back on a buck of a lifetime or clinching a World Championship Gold Medal. Again a picture shows this cam in bright finish.

Hoyt’s patented Pocket design. The ultimate interface between the limbs and riser, the Hoyt pocket system is the ideal zero tolerance pocket system, proven world-wide on the most demanding tournament circuits and bow hunts. This innovation can handle the most aggressive hunting conditions and even airport baggage handlers. Reliable accuracy is the outcome. See the picture for clarity.

Bow specs at a glance.

Weight range 60-70lbs.  All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight. Let-Off 70%Mass weight 4.8lbsParallel Split Limb TechnologyAlpha Shox by LimbSaver are strategically placed in the limbs to dampen noise and vibrationZero Tolerance Locking Pocket Patented System. Will not shake loose. FUSE Custom Strings and Cables built with high-performance string material. Colors: Black and white.Right Hand Custom paint color of highly polished anodized color of Red Fusion (an extra cost color, and included with this bow)XT2000 limbs and Spiral X high performance camDraw set at 30.5″ Fits the long draw tall archer in a hard to find length. Allow for a D-Loop, if used.IBO Speed 308fps to 320fpsAxle to Axle 41.5″Brace height 7-3/4″ Was $1700.00 to $1900.00 in most shops








                    OVERSEAS ASK PLEASE. NO TAXES COLLECTED BY US. CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL CUSTOMS HOUSE TO DETERMINE THEIR CHARGES. Note, many countries will not accept oversize packages…check with your local post office. If your country will not accept oversize items, we will not be able to ship unless we shorten it by removing the top limbs for re-installation on arrival by the buyer.  

In the picture below, the accessories shown are NOT INCLUDED  so do not ask.




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Jan 04

Hoyt Zr200 Compound Bow

Hoyt USA ZR200, Draw Length: 24.5- 28 in.

Draw Weight: 50-60 lbs.

Accessories:-Bohning Company Quiver-Stabilizer-Cobra Sight-ready to shoot,

Whiskteer Biscuit rest

No international shipping, buyer pays $27 shipping, continental U.S. only

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Jan 04

2014 Hoyt Archery Faktor 30 27.5″ Rh 50-60#

This is a 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30. It’s set up at 27.5 inches its a 50 to 60 pound bow and the drawings can be adjusted from 26 to 28 inchs with a mod change .The bow is like brand new.It has been shot very little it’s an awesome shooter.It us set up with a peep and loop.It will ship with the hoyt hat and book it came with.Good luck have a great weekend.

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Jan 03

New 2012 Hoyt Vector 32 Xtsarc Rocket Cam Right Hand 55# 28″/30″

2012 Hoyt Vector 32 60# RH 28″/30″ draw set at 29″

Hoyt Carbon Element’s little brother is the Vector 32. This bow is a real world huntaholic, 32″ axle to axle, combined with a generous brace height of 6.75″ and punching out easy to shoot arrows at 330fps.

There are absolutely no gimmicks here. Silent, accurate and a true speed bow, just what you need for that perfect hunt.

The 32″ axle to axle allows you to hunt in thick scrub with ease.

The Hoyt Vector 32 has all of Hoyt’s latest technologies and in line roller cable guard with new inner race bearings that reduce friction and increase effiency.

The trusted XTS Pro Arc limbs are as good as it gets, coupled with the new Pro Lock X-Lite pocket with low mass and increased noise reduction, ensuring your limbs are secure at all times with an unbelievable tight tolerance.

The machined aluminium riser is designed with Hoyt’s perfect balance technology with the stabiliser bushing already offset, making the bow balanced to perfection when a loaded quiver is installed.

Not overlooking Hoyt’s superb RKT cam and a half system, speed with adjustability and comfort.

After the shot, the FUSE string comes to rest silently on the Stealth Shot. The Vector 32 is and will be the hunting bow of all time.

Specs at a glance

IBO Speed 330fpsWeight range , 50-60lbs, .Draw length range 28″-30″. Brace height 6.75″Axle to Axle 32″Mass weight 4lbsLet-Off 80%RKT CamRiser CNC MachinedXTS Pro Arc LimbsFUSE Strings and CablesPro Lock X-Lite PocketStealth Shot


Hoyt has been in the bow making game for a very long time, and the company remains focused on its customers, technology and integrity. Hoyt makes top-notch bows that meet advertised performance specifications, and the company’s people are some of the best in the industry. Hoyt came on strong again in 2012 with an impressive lineup, and the all-new Vector 32 is one of the shining stars.

The Hoyt Vector 32 features the popular TEC LITE riser design with the new Perfect Balance Stabilization System, RKT Cam & 1⁄2, XTS PRO ARC limbs, Pro-Lock X-Lite limb pockets, 180 Pro Fit grip, In-Line Roller Guard and more.

Rocket FuelHoyt’s new RKT Cam & 1⁄2 system packs a powerful punch, with advertised speeds reaching 330 fps with a 6.75-inch brace height. Advertised and actual speeds are generally synonymous when it comes to Hoyt. Each cam rides on a steel axle and has sealed inner-race bearings for smooth, reliable performance, minimum friction and increased efficiency. The draw cycle produced by the RKT is an excellent blend of aggressiveness and smooth transitions. These qualities, coupled with an easy let down should you decide not to take the shot, are part of a technology Hoyt calls ErgoDraw. Further, a forgiving valley on this cam allows the archer to relax into the shot.

A total draw-length range from 24.5-30 inches is covered by three base cams and a series of modules. Hoyt also offers a short-draw version of the Vector 32 with the Z3 cam in draw lengths of 23.5 and 24 inches. System letoff is advertised at approximately 75 percent for both versions.

An Industry IconThe Vector 32 is easily recognized as a Hoyt rig with its LITE version of their one-of-a-kind TEC (Total Engineering Concept) riser design. Just like the original TEC riser, this lighter model consists of a thin strut/truss that loops back behind the shooter’s bow hand. The truss acts as a shock absorber, channeling shot vibration through the truss and away from the grip while increasing strength and stiffness. Overall mass weight for the Vector is listed at 4 pounds.

A Hoyt technology that was introduced last year is the Perfect Balance Stabilization System. In the simplest of terms, it counter balances the weight of accessories (quiver, sights, rest), which are mounted on the right side of your bow (from the shooter’s perspective), by placing the weight of a stabilizer left of center. Hoyt offset their stainless steel stabilizer mounting insert by 3⁄4 inch.

The Vector’s 180 Pro Fit grip is constructed of a relatively pliable and warm co-molded rubber material to enhance comfort, while the contour and shape are meant to produce consistency and accuracy. The Vector 32 is compatible with Hoyt’s Pro-Fit Grip system, which includes four grip styles that share a common mounting platform.

Hoyt’s In-Line Roller Guard minimizes torque, friction and overall stress by placing the cables in a natural in-line position. Precision rollers, sealed bearings and a high-strength, fully machined housing make up the system, which is designed to increase accuracy and speed while reducing noise.

The Vector 32 is available in Realtree AP and MAX-1 camo, Black Out, Half & Half (Black Out riser/Realtree AP or MAX-1 limbs), Bone Collector (Realtree AP riser with Black limbs and custom graphics) and Vicxen (Realtree MAX-1 riser with Black limbs and custom graphics) finish options. Seven custom target colors also are available.

Silence in the MakingBowhunters want a silent rig for delivering the knockout punch. Hoyt outfits the Vector with XTS PRO ARC limbs, Stealth Shot String Suppressor (which reduces string oscillation by an advertised 70 percent), limb-mounted AlphaShox and Silent Shelf Pad. The five-layer laminated limbs are contoured and pre-loaded using uniform stress distribution (USD) technology that eliminates potential failure areas. The Pro-Lock X-Lite pivoting limb pocket provides a precise limb-to-riser interface. Draw weights are available in 40-, 50-, 60-, 65-, 70- and 80-pound peak options, each with ten pounds of downward adjustment.

ImpressionsHoyt has really outdone itself with the RKT Cam & 1⁄2 System—it is simply the best the company has ever built. The valley is super comfortable, and the draw cycle is easy on the shoulder, especially considering the speeds generated. The Vector 32 is quiet at the shot, and the addition of a FUSE Carbon Connexion stabilizer reduced average shock and vibration to almost nothing.


Attention Bidders

are also a seller of Hoyt, PSE, Diamond, Parker,
Bear, Martin, Ten Point, and Barnett bows and crossbows. We
also have several lines of accessories, fishing gear, and crossbows from
Stryker, Ten Point, and Barnett.

At Strike you will not only get an amazing deal, but you will receive 50 years of product knowledge and hunting expertise.

If we do not have the item you are looking for visit our eBay store or message us for a custom order!

Good luck and happy bidding !!!

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Jan 03

Hoyt Vector Turbo 26-28″ Draw 40-50 Pounds Lh Target Lfh Custom Stirngs Nice Bow


Target or Hunting Compound Bow

 Bow color: Anodized Red Fusion


- Left-Handed

- Draw Weight:   40 – 50lbs Maxes out at about 52lbs

- Draw Length: Currently 27” adjustable 26-28″ 

- Bow Condition:  Like New

-  String Condition:  Like New

This Vector Turbo was custom built for the owner of the local pro shop, it is an awesome bow in like new condition, not a scratch on it and it has like new Winners Choice Custom strings and cables (you wont find a nicer Vector Turbo anywhere). The bow is currently set up at 27″ draw but can be adjusted from 26″- 28″ with the swap of a module.  If the winning bidder wants the draw set to a different length I can do that for free but it will take one additional buisness day before I can ship it so I can have it done.  This bow was shot very little and has been hanging on the wall most of its life. 


Here is a little info from Hoyt about the bow.

A Bow that shoots 340fps with a 35″ axle to axle. You asked for the best of both worlds, not too short axle length with plenty of speed! Here it is the 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo with the all new RKT cam offering ErgoDraw Technology. The Vector Turbo comes with the ever smooth In-Line roller cable guard and the new ultra low mass weight TEC Lite riser and all new Perfect Balance design offering the perfectly balanced bow without compromising on speed.

The Vector Turbo has the all new low mass weight TEC LITE riser which is ultra tough and has gone through rigorous testing including a minimum 1500 dry-fires. The Hoyt TEC LITE riser is like no other riser design on the market.

Specs at a glance

IBO Speed 340fps

Weight range: 40-50lbs

Draw length range: 26″-28″ 

Brace height 6″

Axle to Axle 35″

Mass weight 4.2lbs

Let-Off 80%


Riser CNC Machined

XTS Pro Arc Limbs

Custom New Winners Choice Strings and cables

Pro Lock X-Lite Pocket

Stealth Shot

Left Handed Model

Color is anodized red fusion

Feel Free to Ask Questions I will do my best to answer themThe fine print The fine print The fine print The fine print The fine print The fine print

OFFERS: I try and price items at the current eBay prices. Sometimes supply and demand changes so I do encourage you to make offers. Sometimes I have multiple offers on one item. I will let you know if I have higher offers. As long as I haven’t declined you have a chance at getting the item. I do not make official counter offers. Most of the time I will use all 48 hours to respond depending on offer and how popular the item is.OTHER PARTSWe have lots of parts we don’t list on EBay. If you need a part that comes from the same sled as the item listed chances are we have it. Just ask! 90% of the sleds we part out are good running sleds not wrecked.PAYMENTYour payment must be made within 5 days of the close of the auction. Unless priorArrangements have been made.SHIPPINGEbay is now forcing free shipping. (they charge fees on shipping charge’s) We all know that shipping is not free. Some of my items ship for over $100. I offer free economy shipping (added in to my buy it now price). I try and add optional UPS and Priority mail. Just so you have an idea what shipping cost is to your part of the world when you make an offer. I try and ship for the best value. I don’t mind paying a little more for shipping to get it to you a few days faster. Most all small items get shipped priority mail. Most large items 10 to 70 lbs will go parcel post or Ups depends on where you are located. Any item over 70 lbs has to ship UPS. Hoods ship Greyhound bus you will have to pick up at closest depot We ship our items quickly and our feedback confirms this. We usually ship the next business day (or sooner) after payment is received. When possible we give multiple choices for shipping. We ship UPS and USPS. If you would like diff. shipping option just ask.ELECTRICAL PARTS POLICY All electrical parts, coils, CDI boxes, stators etc. are tested on the machine that they were removed from. If we can’t test an electrical part we will not sell it. All of the electrical parts that we sell are working! We do not take returns on electrical parts. Make sure this is the part you need before buying Something has caused your electrical part to burn out. We suggest finding out what caused the part to go bad first.RETURNS & REFUNDSWe try to describe everything as best as possible but sometimes things are over looked. We want you to be pleased with your purchase and earn a five star rating from you. But if you have any problem with your purchase, before leaving feedback, please contact us thru email, eBay or call 541-910-2813. Please remember most parts we sell are used and are in used condition. We do not take returns on electrical parts. Make sure this is the part you need before buying.“We will accept returns on most items ‘but if you are not returning it due to an error on our end and the item is as described, you will responsible for return shipping and you will not be reimbursed for return shipping charges or the original shipping charges .”INTERNATIONAL BUYERSWe try to list most items to sell worldwide. To find shipping rates make sure your country and zip or area code is in shipping quote boxes. (Or ask for quote) You may have other Import fees. Please check with your country’s customs. We have no control of these fees and they are buyer’s responsibility.Thanks for looking at our item!. Check out my other auctions I am parting out a few sleds. Powered by eBay Turbo ListerThe free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Posted with eBay MobilePowered by eBay Turbo ListerThe free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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Jan 03

Hoyt Zr200 Compound Bow With Case

You are bidding one 1 Hoyt ZR200 Compound Bow and 1 Hard Case

the grip does show sings of wear.

Apex gear sights

50 – 60 lbs

I only ship to the lower 48 states

All sales final

no returns

thanks for bidding

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Jan 03

Hoyt Supreme Compound Bow

Hoyt Supreme Compound Bow


NO RESERVE! BID TO WIN!! BID STARTS AT 99.95 WITH NO HIDDEN RESERVE PRICEYou are bidding on a Used HOYT SUPREME COMPOUND BOW in good condition for age. SEE PICS AND SPEC TAG FOR DETAILS; It is tested and working. 



Email with any questions


28.00 S/H IN CONT. USA!!!!!

Payment :

Visa/MC, Paypal. Or email us your phone number and we will call you for Credit Card number, for secure payment.

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Jan 03

Hoyt Trykon Junior Compound Bow Right Hand 40 Lbs Jr

 Very good condition right hand Hoyt Trykon Jr compound bow.  This bow has 30-40 lb limbs and can be adjusted from 17-25 inches in draw length. It is set-up with a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, detachable Truglo quiver, 3-pin fiber optic sight with light, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, and kisser button. 5 ICS Jr arrows 22 inches long are also included (may be too short if you need one of the longer draw lengths) Everything is already tuned for carbon arrows. 25.00 shipping and insurance to USA addresses. All others pay actual cost. Bid now, this is a no reserve auction!Weight ranges 30-40lbs. Draw range 17″-25″Wheel Versa Cam & 1/2Limbs YZ 50Let-Off 65%IBO Speed 255fpsAxle to Axle 29.5″Brace height 6.5″Mass weight 2.7lbsAlpha Shox by LimbSaver are strategically placed in the limbs to dampen noise and vibrationParallel Split Limb Technology

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