Bowtech Tomkat Bow, 60 – 70 Lb, Rh, Loaded With Extras

I’m selling my bow and
it hasn’t been an easy decision to make.  

This is a 2007 BowTech
TomKat with the speed modules on the cams.  I bought it used off of eBay
about three years ago and started hunting with it right away, taking several
hogs, deer, and javelina along the way.  She’s a solid, dependable hunting
bow.  She’s not super-fast, but she’s quiet and forgiving. I shoot
28.5″  carbon arrows, at 420 grains, and they push out in the low
280’s.  Not bad for a heavy arrow shot from a bow not considered to be a
speed bow.

Why am I selling the bow
with all my accessories?  A few months ago I got the bug to buy a newer
model but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new bow. I ended up buying a
newer year model BowTech and it was everything the seller said it would
be.  It was in great shape, shot really well, but it just didn’t seem to
be “THE BOW.”  I had taken it to my BowTech shop; they inspected it and
found it to be in perfect working order, it was just me.  While there, I
made the mistake of looking at the new ones hanging on the hooks.  He made
me a great offer on a demo they had, not new out of the box, but with full
warranty.  So here we are, needing to pay for it.  I had every
intention of keeping this setup, but have decided to sell it.  Main
reason, my arrows, which I thought I could shoot from both bows, don’t have
enough spine for the new bow.  That was what convinced me to sell the
whole setup, minus my release and broadheads.

Why am I telling you all
of this?  I want to be up front and honest as to why I made the decision
to sell my bow. 

What is included;

2007 BowTech TomKat,
currently set at 70 lbs and 29” draw.  The string was replaced last year
and I had replaced the string silencers in August when I had it in the shop for
inspection.  Color is Realtree APG

TruGlo 4 pin, lighted
sight, in matching Realtree APG, cost $45

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter
drop away rest, black, cost $55

Treelimb 5 arrow quiver,
in matching Realtree APG, cost $35

String stop, installed
at the shop, cost $15

Camo braded wrist sling
with 4” camo Limbsaver stabilizer, cost $10

Sixteen Arrows

Two Easton XX75 2314
Game Getters

One is missing a vane

Seven Easton XX78 2314
Super Slams

Two have 4” Easton vanes

ii.      One has 4” feathers

iii.      Four have brand new 2” Blazer vanes with new

Seven Easton 400 ICS
Camo Hunters

Five with brand new 2”
Blazer vanes with new nocks

Two with 4” feathers

UPDATED: I am also including the “comfort cams” that came with the bow.  I ordered the “speed cams” and had the shop
put them on.  The speed cams cost me
about $40, as I recall.  See picture I

All of the accessories
listed were purchased and added to the bow after I bought it.

So there you have it, a
complete package, well, minus a release and broadheads, ready to
shoot, ready to hunt.  It’s a great starter bow/kit for a person wanting
to get into archery and not spend a lot of money up front or for a seasoned
archer that wants a solid shooting hunting bow.

I know the shipping will
be around $40, but I’ve just built it into the overall costs and the
description states FREE SHIPPING.   I’m not trying to get rich off of
the sale, but I don’t want to lose my britches either and just give it away. So
the bid will start at what many would consider to be a high starting price,
 but it’s because I’m rolling the shipping into the costs.  To be
clear, the winning bid is the final cost.

Feel free to contact me
with any questions.  I have tried to be as open and honest as I can
possibly be about the condition of the bow, the accessories, and the reason for

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