Bowtech Rpm 360 #70

Bowtech opens up 2014 with the fastest bow it has ever produced; the aptly named RPM 360. Spitting arrows down range at an amazing 360 fps, the RPM is sure to satisfy the fast bow crowd. Incorporating standard Bowtech technologies like the Center Pivot Extreme and OverDrive Binary Cam, the RPM 360 also comes with the new Bridge Lock pocket for precision and accuracy, and trapezoidal I-beam riser for strength. The result is a speed bow that provides the balance, feel, and extreme tunability that demanding bowhunters and archers demand. Additional features include; Carbon Core limbs, FLX Guard cable guard, N-Fusion technology, Bio Shock system, Octane Factory strings and rotating modules. Color is Black.


Axle to Axle Length – 31″Brace Height – 6″Weight – 4.4 lbsDraw Weights – 60-70 lbsDraw Length – 24″ to 30″Speed – Up to 360 fps

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