Bear Warrior Iii Kids Bow And Arrow Archery Set

This Warrior III adolescent archery set is NEW and UNOPENED. Great gift for the beginner archery enthusiast.

It retails for $100-$120 depending on the retailer.

Opening bid on this is only $64.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING!


Bear Archery Fred Bear Warrior 3 Bow Package

21″-23″ draw length

Maximum draw weight: 29 lbs.

70% let-off

Ideal for the up-and-coming bowhunter, the Warrior adjusts in draw length from 21″ to 23″ and sports a maximum draw weight of 29 lbs. 26″ axle-to-axle length. Plus, it has 70% let-off for easy holding at full draw. Lightweight composite limbs and riser. 6″ brace height. Integral grip. Right hand only. Bear Warrior 3 Package includes: bow, Whisker Biscuit® arrow rest, one-pin sight, two-piece arrow quiver, finger tab, armguard, temporary tattoo and two Safetyglass arrows.

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