2015 Bowtech Carbon Knight Black Ops Rak Package. 29″ Draw 70 Pounds

2015 Bowtech Carbon Knight Black OPS

RAK Package. 29″ Draw 70 Pounds

Brand new.

Take a good look at the new Bowtech Carbon Knight. This is literally the future of the compound bow industry. Bow manufacturers have been trying for years to utilize lightweight carbon fiber to build better compound bows. Unfortunately, the available manufacturing technologies just haven’t been appropriate to compound bow riser construction, resulting in products that were often ungainly, unreliable, or simply unaffordable. 

With the new forged carbon composite technologies, that ugly era has come to an end. Bowtech is about to turn the industry on its ear – again. The aluminum riser compound bow may be no more than a few seasons from total obsolescence. Bowtech has been pretty tight-lipped about how they’ve acquired this technology (originally developed by Lamborghini and Callaway Golf), but what they have created is revolutionary to the archery industry. 

The new Knight riser is immensely strong and rigid, yet it’s dramatically lighter than a similarly sculpted aluminum riser. So instead of the typical 4.0-4.4 lbs we’ve come to expect from long-riser parallel limb performance bows … the new Carbon Knight weighs only 3.2 lbs. And just as you might expect, the Carbon Knight is deadly quiet, has barely a breath of recoil, and it’s scorching fast at 335 fps. It’s simply the lightest premium hunting bow on the market today. If you’re ready to join the next revolution in modern archery, here’s the bow that will lead the way.

Of course, we’ve loaded this great bow up with everything: rest, sight, quiver, stabilizer, wrist sling, and MUCH MORE. 

The Carbon Knight, the lightest, most maneuverable carbon bow ever.




DRAW WEIGHT: 60 to 70lbs.

DRAW LENGTH: 26.5 – 30.5″ Comes set at 29″



LET OFF: 80%


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