2014 Pse Vision Compound Bow, Rh, 12-30″, 12-70#, Loaded, Free Arrows

2014 PSE Vision compound bow package

Real shooters don’t compromise and neither does PSE. In the past, shooters who wanted a highly adjustable bow had to sacrifice features and performance, but PSE doesn’t play that game.

The new Vision compound bow gives you the extreme adjustability in draw length and draw weight you’ve been asking for, all the while being lighter, more stable, and delivering outstanding performance.

Our Vision package includes:

three-pin sightOctane Hostage arrow reststabilizerfive-arrow quiverlooppeep

We are also include six arrows and six 100 grain field points for free! This bow is ready to shoot when you receive it. All it needs is for the peep to be tied in. However, we do recommend you bring it to your local archery shop to have it fitted to your draw weight and draw length.


CONDITION: Brand new in the original box

FINISH: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

DEXTERITY: Right-handed

DRAW WEIGHT: 70 pounds (draw weight range is dependent on draw length. For example: At 27 inches, this bow will max out at 70 pounds and drop down to approximately 40 pounds)

DRAW LENGTH:  12-30″ (adjustable with mod shift)

LET OFF: 70 percent



IBO: 298 feet per second

MASS WEIGHT: 4.2 pounds

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