2014 Bear Motive 7 Bow Only Camo

Product Information Forgiving Deadly accurate Smooth draw cycle 340 fps IBO Driven by Bear’s synchronized hybrid cam, the Motive 7 from Bear Archery is the perfect balance of raw speed, silky smooth draw, and an absolutely dead vibration free shot. Lightweight, forgiving, shock free, and deadly fast, what more could a serious archer ask for. With a more generous 7″ brace height, this bow gives you the forgiveness you need to make tough shots at tough angles, while maintaining blistering speeds that will get you the penetration you need to take your next trophy. Features Max Pre-Load limbs 4×4 roller guard Contra-Band HP strings and cables Stainless steel stabilizer bushing Customizable grip Zero-tolerance limb pockets Synchronized hybrid cam No bow press required for length adjustments 1/2″ draw length adjustments Made in the USA!Technical Information IBO Speed Rating: 340 fpsAxle-to-axle length: 32″Mass Weight: 4 lbLet Off: 75%Brace Height: 7″Draw Length Range: 26.5″ to 31″ Draw Length Modules Included: Yes, rotating moduleCam Type: Synchronized Hybrid Riser Material: Aluminum

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