2012 Bowtech Insanity Cpx-right Handed

This Bow does not have the original packaging but it is brand new and has never been shot or dry fired. Still has the tags on the bow. This bow also comes with a Hostage arrow rest.

The Insanity CPX uses the Overdrive Binary Cam system to power its blazing speed. The Overdrive Binary Cam System is made of an alloy composite material, which makes the cam system strong and light weight while helping to cancel out noise and vibration.

For a speed bow with a six-inch brace height, the Insanity is a wonderful shooter and is very easy to get used to. The draw cycle is extremely smooth with that builds up very quickly.

The Insanity CPX is a very quiet bow and comes with a few factory-installed items to make sure it stays quiet after the shot. The factory Octane Strings come with a rubber dampener attached to the cables for string vibration. The Carbon rod string suppressor does a great job at quietly stopping the strings forward movement and is directly in line with the front mounting suppressor hole for cancelling out vibration and added balance. The FLX Guard also comes standard with a rubber dampener designed to help with vibration also. The combination of these dampeners along with the engineering of the bow itself makes for a silent, vibration free arrow release.

The Insanity is a great hunting bow producing a lot of kinetic energy and speed needed for just about any big game species. The smooth draw, solid back wall, and shock free release make it a great option for a hunting bow.


2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX Specs- Right Handed

Speed: 355 FPSAxle Length 32″Brace Height 6”Draw Length 25.5” to 30″Peak Draw Weights: 61.7 lbsWeight 4.3 lbs.Let-Off 80%



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