2011 Pse Supra Hp

This is a used 2011 PSE Supra HP. It is Right
Handed and is adjustable from 26-31″ in draw length, with 40-50#
limbs. This particular target bow is Flat Blue and black cams and limb pockets with blue and black strings that are in practically new condition. It has a 38″ ATA, and has a 7″
brace height. It comes standard with the High Performance Single Cam system and its 6” of draw length
adjustment, 75% letoff, a 318fps IBO speed, BEST Raptor Grip, and the Vibracheck BackStop. The
bow comes bare, with no accessories. It has marks where the rest mounts, from the set screw. It will be covered up when you put on a new rest. It also has some slight marks on the backstop that can be covered up with a bit of sharpie.

The bow itself is used but in good condition.

I am starting the auction at $300 and will ship via UPS Ground (insured) at a
flat rate of $20.00

I will not accept any offers to end the auction early, so if
you are interested, BID!

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions….!
Thanks and happy bidding…

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